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Mattingly for HoF

Posted on: May 31, 2010 1:16 pm
Love or hate the Yankees, Don Mattingly should be in the HoF.  Much like the courts site case law to make rulings as opposed to following the constitution, I will site a case to get "Donny Baseball" elected.  Perhaps he doesn't have HoF credentials, maybe he does.  I am going to compare The Captain's career to that of a first ballot HoF'er from the same era.

Don Mattingly VS Kirby Puckett:

                                      G            AB          R        HR        RBI       AVG         OBP          SLG        SO         TB

Mattingly                        1785      7003      1007     222      1099      307          358          471       444       3301
Puckett                          1783      7244      1071     207      1085      318          360          477       965       3453

Mattingly 162 g AVG         162        636        91         20        100      307          358          471        40         300
Puckett   162 g AVG         162        658        97         19          99      318          360          477        88         314

That's about as identical as it gets, huh?

So what sets Kirby apart as a first ballot HoF'er, while Mattingly has little hope of getting in?

lets compare accomplishments

Kirby Puckett:  won 2 titles, Rookie of the Year, 6 gold gloves, 6 silver sluggers.  MVP runner up once, second runner up twice.
                     lead league in hits 4 times, RBIs once and won 1 batting title.

Mattingly:        9 gold gloves, 3 silver sluggers.  MVP once, runner up once.  Lead league in hits 2 times, doubles 3 times, RBIs once.
                      and won 1 batting title.

In conclusion, both players are accomplished.  While Puckett won 2 titles, Mattingly did win the MVP and was the Captian of the Yankees.  Which is not to be overstated as it is the Hall of FAME, not the hall of "sorry you died young dude."  No disrespect to Kirby.  He was a great player and person.  I just want to shed light on the fact that Mr. Mattingly is getting hosed. I hope this shows sufficiently that Donny Baseball deserves proper recognition for his contributions on the field. 
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